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New Civil Engineer TechFest 

The work of Britain’s most innovative teams and civil engineering companies is once again being recognised with coveted TechFest Awards at New Civil Engineer’s Festival of Innovation & Technology.

Held in the heart of London, the one-day event provides a unique forum for civil engineers to debate the industry’s biggest tech challenges and stimulate opportunities for further innovation. It does this through a varied and interactive programme that culminates with awards for great innovations that are shaping the industry.

This year there are 16 awards to win, with entries welcomed from the biggest engineering giants through to the smallest start-ups.

Finalists for six of these awards pitch live throughout the day, creating a packed knowledge-sharing, CPD-learning programme for all TechFest attendees. The remaining categories are all judged by our panel of industry experts.

This panel includes innovation and technology leads at some of the industry’s biggest and most important clients.


Time left to submit your entry

The New Civil Engineer TechFest Awards recognise and reward those projects, teams and companies doing most to harness technologies that drive the industry forward.
Winning a New Civil Engineer TechFest Award provides you and your team with the recognition you deserve. See our full list of categories you could enter here!
Don't miss your chance to win a New Civil Engineer Techfest Award. Entries are now open and you have until Friday 3 May 2019 to submit an award winning application.


Key dates


Now open

31 May


15-17 July

26 September




"A seamless and inspiring event which is what the industry needs to showcase its capability to embrace innovation and technology"
Will Reddaway, group head of innovation, J Murphy & Sons

"It's great to see NCE promoting and supporting young, entrepreneurial talent that has the ability to re-engineer established construction practices"
Alan Hayes, director, really good ideas

"The event brought together some amazing minds in civil engineering and construction - highlighting and championing innovations in an ever-changing space we work in"
James Fricker, managing director, SenSat

"TechFest can highlight to you and your company the technology and applications of it you didn't even realise you actually needed!"
Keith Howell, statutory undertakers design coordinator, A14 IDT



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