Why Attend?

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why attend?

The New Civil Engineer’s TechFest 2020 brings together compelling discussions with an evening celebration. Join over 300 attendees from across the entire construction industry to reveal client priorities, debate best use of technology and discover key innovations and companies shaping the landscape.

Key reasons to attend:

  • Gain insight into the future landsccape of adopting technology into our industry and society
  • Question the biggest clients and discover what measure they are taking to encourage the adoption of technology and innovative ways of working on their projects
  • Explore the technologies and innovations that are making an impact on projects and industry today at the live-judged awards hubs on the day
  • Network with like-minded innovation-hungry industry leaders and influencers  from clients and their supply chains in the transport, water, energy and buildings sectors, all under one roof in one day
  • Celebrate those projects, teams and companies doing most to harness the technologies that will drive the industry forward and reward your own staff during the TechFest gala dinner and awards ceremony


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