Machine Max TechFest Awards 2021

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02 Dec 2021 | Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge

Bronze sponsor

Machine Max

Operating heavy equipment increases the carbon footprint of any operation and without machine data it is near impossible to forecast, monitor and minimise the CO2 impact. MachineMax is a London based, global start-up and we have built a revolutionary, universal platform to track and manage the sustainability and efficiency of all equipment. MachineMax works with customers to measure key variables like fuel burn, idling, utilisation and emissions, helping to identify opportunities to make a change, moving towards net-zero.

We use AI & machine learning to provide actionable insights, combining the real time machine variables, heatmaps and contextual data to facilitate improved decision making as and when action is required. In summary, MachineMax diagnoses the current sustainability position, establishes quantitative baselines, defines clear aspirations, and designs actions for our customers. Our aim is to harness the power of data and to help reduce emissions and create a legacy of clean tech.

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