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 Usman  Shah

Usman Shah

Costain , Innovation Accelerator Manager

Usman Shah is a multi-award winning social entrepreneur who juggles two careers stemmed by two passions, innovation and diversity. Usman is Costain’s Innovation Accelerator Manager and has an extensive background in innovation, start up and business growth. He has overseen many conceptual ideas which transitioned from inception to commercialisation under his mentorship and leadership. Usman is now the project manager for the NCE’S TechFest Accelerator (powered by Costain Group) and will be placing the shortlisted businesses from the TechFest competition on a business accelerator to fast track their readiness for client engagement.

Usman is also an active social entrepreneur and has founded leading social enterprise Diversity Hut. As of March 2018, Diversity is in a partnership with Costain Group Plc, where the issue of the industries poor diversity are tackled head on. Through Diversity Hut, Usman was selected to be a part of a social impact incubator (Allia Serious Impact) and was also recently selected by Virgin Start Up’s Crowdboost programme to educate start-up businesses on how to scale faster. Through these learnings and own experiences, Diversity Hut has now created over 45 full time jobs for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, mentored over 300 young people on STEM careers, and also consulted/trained large organisations on Diversity and inclusion.

Usman has recently been selected by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust to travel to the USA, UAE and Asia to research Diversity and its impact on Innovation. On his return back to the UK, Usman will aim to inspire businesses based off his findings of global best practice.

Together with Usman’s prowess in Innovation and Diversity, Usman is leveraging the hidden talent of small start-ups, SME’s and also disadvantaged peoples; bringing the best out of them.

Usman is also a Chartered Quality Professional.

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