Urszula Kanturska

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02 Dec 2021 | Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge

Industry Expert

 Urszula Kanturska

Urszula Kanturska

digital engineering and technology integration lead , Hinkley Point C

Urszula is responsible for formulating and driving implementation of the digital strategy for the £6b civil works programme at Sizewell C, a proposed nuclear power plant in Suffolk. 

Over 15y in construction sector, she has track record of leading successful transformation initiatives, software integration and development, and R&D projects, delivering practical high-impact solutions. Experienced in integrating BIM with wider organizational processes, leading process improvement and digitisation initiatives across the organisation, focused on eliminating key project risks, enhancing productivity and automating information flow.

Urszula is willing to ‘roll up her sleeves’ to make things happen. Not fazed by a challenge, she has worked on the most high-profile projects such as Crossrail, London Olympics and Hinkley Point C. Highly effective in leading change management in a complex regulatory and organisational context, working across all project functions, with client, suppliers and technology partners, resulting in major cost savings.

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