Shivvy Jervis

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 Shivvy Jervis

Shivvy Jervis

Europe’s Top 30 Women in Digital , award-winning futurist

Voted one of Europe’s most trailblazing women in digital, Shivvy Jervis is a multi-award winning Futurist, author and broadcaster focusing on meaningful innovation and the digital economy in her talks
and video series. Shivvy has been cited as ‘having the remarkable capacity to separate the relevant from mere buzz’ (TED Global), ‘displaying expertise beyond compare’ (World Economic Forum) and ‘an extraordinary
communicator’ (Britain’s former Digital Minister).

Shivvy helps business, government and citizens discover and makesense of the most powerful innovation that will transform our realities. Her work has seen her recognised for over 22 accolades, including a national Outstanding Achiever award, public Woman of the Year nomination and a Britain’s Asian Women of Achievement award. Shivvy has strong broadcasting credentials - as a former business journalist she not only covers the hot-button topics of today, but predicts what will make headlines in the future. She is currently presenting brand new series Next Tech Insider and is the former creator of the long-running Digital Futures and The Trailblazers series’ which attracted a 12 million+ global viewership. It was backed by the world’s third largest telco, for whom Shivvy also served as Head of Digital for many years.

As a respected industry advisor, she is called on by organisations to make sense of the dizzying influx of new digital advances and help forecast what to expect next… and consequently how to prepare.Shivvy sets out what needs to be on our radar now in order to effectively navigate our collective future, and is currently authoring an ambitious book on the same. As part of her book research, she is scouring the globe for the most powerful advances and people shaping the next decade, talking to innovation labs big and small, bantering with big-name pioneers and hunting down undiscovered founders. Shivvy’s on- and off-stage style has been frequently commended as ‘deeply persuasive’, ‘instantly relatable’ and above all, ‘uncompromisingly passionate’. She is equally at home delivering a keynote, presenting a high-profile broadcast, running a fireside chat or chairing a dynamic panel.

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