Malcolm Taylor

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 Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm Taylor

Crossrail Ltd , Head of technical information

Malcolm Taylor is “Head of Technical Information” for Crossrail in London, UK where he manages a team of over 50 people delivering and enabling information management services. His current responsibilities include: overall programme BIM strategy and implementation; the Crossrail Geographical Information System; asset information management; technical data management; document control; data handover strategy; cyber security for business systems and recently the Innovation Lead for Crossrail.  He also developed and wrote the infrastructure Whole Life Cost Principles for the railway.

His work has focused on using digital technologies and information drivers for better decision making and management of projects through design and construction - and into operation and maintenance.

He is a Chartered Engineer - prior to joining Crossrail he was Rail Director for a major global consultancy working on many UK and international rail projects. Even in the 1990’s he was keen to innovate and bring into use carbon fibre for strengthening bridges and repairing damaged concrete structures. The UK rail network is largely based on Victorian infrastructure and he see’s innovation as a way of helping solve hard problems that aren’t going away!

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