Helen Elsby

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Industry Expert

 Helen Elsby

Helen Elsby

integration development director , Heathrow Airport

Helen has recently returned from maternity leave to take up a new role as a delivery director within Heathrow’s Expansion and Development Programmes. This involves leading the transformation programme to take Heathrow’s current Capital teams, processes and systems and transform them into an organisation fit for the future. This remit covers the design for both our highly complex Expansion programme along with our critical business as usual projects.

Prior to this role, Helen led the 200 strong Development team in delivering Capital projects across the Heathrow Campus. She was responsible for ensuring the multi-billion pound portfolio was delivered safely, efficiently, demonstrated value for money and generated benefits for both shareholders and customers. Also, within Heathrow, Helen has led the Programme Management Office, and run the Airport Resilience Strategic Programme.

Helen has spent her entire career in the Aviation Industry having spent ten years with British Airways before gaining a different perspective by switching organisations to work for the Airport operator. Within BA, Helen spent three years developing and delivering BA’s airside facilities as part of the award winning Terminal 5 development and, prior to this, worked as an operational research consultant delivering business improvement projects across BA’s Procurement, Operations and Revenue Management departments. She has a passion for continuous improvement both within the projects she delivers and the organisations in which she works, and strives to provide inspirational leadership to the teams she works with. She enjoys mentoring and coaching across the business, helping others be the best they can be and is working outside of Heathrow to encourage more women to seek a career in construction and project management.

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