Elizabeth Houlgrave

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Industry Expert

 Elizabeth Houlgrave

Elizabeth Houlgrave

innovation manager , Mace

With a background in architecture and tech start-ups, Beth’s role as innovation manager at Mace is to drive the uptake of emerging technologies and the development of strategic, forward-looking services for a global organisation of 6,000+ people.

Beth is pushing Mace to adapt for the next evolution of construction, guiding senior leaders to develop platform approaches to DfMA, and new, low-carbon, clean-tech services to meet clients’ increasingly green agendas.

Already Beth has driven the digitisation of sites through the successful adoption of tag & track technologies, drones, and AR and VR on projects, providing user-friendly tools to simplify implementation and remove fear of the unknown - an approach she is passionate about.

Treating innovation as a service, Beth helped create the tools for organisation-wide innovation at Mace, setting up the company’s ideas management platform and processes. She works with projects to understand their needs, advise on best practice, and connect them with experts and suppliers.

Prior to Mace, Beth’s work centred around winning work and funding of up to £1.6 billion for construction companies and tech start-ups. During her time in the technology sector, she project managed the development and scaling of a creative search engine and an on-train WiFi and media solution.

Extending her passion for making change happen, Beth helped found a global schools and diversity engagement programme for Mace, where volunteers educate students aged 10-18 on the breadth of careers available to them in construction. 


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