How to enter

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You must submit your entry online by the entry deadline – 19 May 2017

You do not have to complete your entry in one session - once you have registered you can save your work as you go along. To start a new session, click on Enter Now, Log in and Sign in.

Please note these awards are FREE to enter.

Getting started
Go to the categories page and click on the category you are interested in entering. You will then see the general entry criteria for that category.

When you have selected your category, click on Enter to see the questions you will be asked to answer in your award submission.
In order to continue you will need to register your details and choose a username and password - make a record of these as you will need them each time you return to your entry.

Beginning your submission
Once you have registered, you will then be taken to the entry questions and can start to work through them.
Please ensure you complete all sections carefully and within the specified word limits - you will not be able to submit your entry if you go over these.
You can upload up to three documents to support your entry by using the browse button to find the file and then clicking on Upload to attach it to your entry. Files must be no larger than 5MB in total and if you wish to attach more than one document we recommend uploading them in a zip file.
To save your entry and come back to it at a later date, simply click Save and log out.

Returning to a saved entry
Simply click on Enter Now, Log in and Sign in.

Submitting your entry
Once you have completed all questions and are happy with your answers tick your entry and press Submit. Please note that once you have pressed this button, your entry cannot be amended.

Finished entry
When your entry has been successfully submitted you will receive an email confirmation; if you do not receive this email, please contact our events team using the Contact us page.
Please note all entries are confidential. Only judges will view your submission, and they cannot see your login details.
If you experience any technical problems or have any questions about registration, login or the entry process, please contact Jonathan Pike on 020 3033 4316 or email

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