About our categories

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Our four headline categories recognise technology innovations that are seeking to tackle four specific industry-change initiatives: improving health & safety; reducing carbon; driving efficiencies; and creating smarter cities. These will be judged in front of a live audience during the Festival of Innovation and Technology. Feedback will be given and questions taken from the floor offering a fantastic opportunity to share best practice and spread the word about your innovation.

Twelve more categories recognise advances in five key development areas along with the teams that are driving them. This is a great chance to recognise teams and organisations that epitomise the innovative spirit that is so in demand in civil engineering.

Finally, there are two categories that recognise the most outstanding innovators; shortlists for these will be drawn from entries to the 16 enterable categories, with the winners announced on the night.
There is no specific timescale in which the innovation is being used/developed; the only requirement is that the innovation will be either in development or use in Autumn 2017.


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